Lyora Pissarro (b. 1991 - )

Here in the Now, is the Answer to the Big How

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Oil on board framed with LED lights
121 x 121 cm (48 x 48 inches)
Signed on the reverse
Executed in January 2020

+44 (0)20 7629 6662
  • Provenance

    Studio of the artist, London

  • Description

    Renowned for her playful depiction of landscapes featuring bright, geometric forms, Lyora incorporates an inner band of lighting in her work by building in flexible LED tape within the frame. This allows the viewer to change the lighting colour and strength and create a wonderful atmospheric effect to her landscape paintings.

    "My landscapes are more a representation of mindscapes and an exploration of the inner world, than capturing the reality of nature. These paintings are an attempt to put into the language of colour the perfect moment of clarity and silence in the mind. The exact moment of heightened pleasure. The stillness we all strive for, purity, conscious awakening, balance, alignment. I feel these lands are a utopia - a space you hopefully want to, live in, achieve in yourself." - Lyora Pissarro

    This original painting by Lyora Pissarro is available for immediate purchase. 

Artist's Biography

French artist Lyora Pissarro is renowned for her playful depiction of landscapes featuring bright, geometric forms. The artist describes her works as creative journeys: “often winding, mostly enchanting and hopefully uplifting”.

As a direct descendant of the Impressionist Camille Pissarro, Lyora embraces her artistic heritage which is rooted in painting. Breaking away from the traditional Impressionist techniques, Lyora’s geometric paintings experiment with chromatic conventions and often defy the laws of gravity. Rivers run poppy red, skies fall in gradient shards of lavender and striped orbs levitate mid canvas where one might expect to see a sun or moon.

Whereas the Impressionists explored the optical effect of changing light on a landscape, her Mindscapes series explores how painting can capture the mind itself when enlightened. In deconstructing the typical horizon line, Lyora’s works posit a new topography that is both monumental and whimsical, substantial and dreamlike, balanced and surprising.

Currently based between New York and London, Lyora completed her formal education at Hunter College in NYC, after doing her foundation year at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Described as the “ultimate young painter” in GQ magazine, Lyora Pissarro has held exhibitions in both New York, Texas, and Boston, her work is also exhibited in San Francisco and London.

Lyora Pissarro Lyora Pissarro (b. 1991 - )