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Lélia Pissarro accompanied by 5th generation descendants of the family in the Pissarro Archive at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

Alongside her artistic practice Lélia Pissarro is the co-owner of Stern Pissarro Gallery and provides a research and authentication service for artworks attributed to several of Camille Pissarro’s descendants. As the great-granddaughter of Camille Pissarro (1830-1903), Lélia Pissarro is uniquely placed as the trusted expert for the following artists and is preparing the catalogue raisonné of their works.

Paulémile Pissarro
Georges Henri Manzana Pissarro
Ludovic-Rodo Pissarro

Through an extensive archive of unpublished resources, Lélia Pissarro is able to assess artworks through visual analysis and research. This service is trusted by museums, galleries, auction houses and private collectors worldwide.

In the first instance, Lélia Pissarro is able to provide a complimentary verbal response. Your registration of any works attributed to the above artists is welcomed and will be registered in our archives. For a set fee Lélia Pissarro is able to produce a certificate of authenticity after a conclusive examination.

The information you submit will be checked against our archival records. After preliminary research the work will be submitted to Lélia Pissarro for examination before an opinion is offered. When submitting an enquiry please include as much information as possible about the artwork including: precise unframed dimensions, high resolution images of the front and back, close-up images of the signature and any inscriptions or labels, provenance and any other documents pertinent to the work.

Other Pissarro family members

One of the largest collections and archives of Pissarro works in the world is housed at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford (United Kingdom). The initial gift by the family was made in 1950 by Esther Bensusan, the wife of Camille Pissarro’s eldest son, Lucien Pissarro. Bensusan’s daughter, the artist Orovida Pissarro also played a significant role in developing the collection. In 2003 a further gift of 600 items was made from David Bensusan-Butt, Lucien Pissarro’s nephew.

Camille Pissarro (Oil paintings, gouaches and pastels)

For expertise on paintings, gouaches and pastels by Camille Pissarro, please contact the Wildenstein Plattner Institute in New York: info@wpi-art.org

Camille Pissarro (Watercolours and drawings)

For expertise on watercolours and drawings by Camille Pissarro, please contact Dr Joachim Pissarro based in New York: cpdrawings@nyc.rr.com

Lucien Pissarro
Orovida Pissarro

For expertise on Lucien Pissarro and Orovida Pissarro, please contact Professor Colin Harrison at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford: colin.harrison@ashmus.ox.ac.uk

H. Claude Pissarro

As sole agents of artworks by H. Claude Pissarro, under the guidance of Lélia Pissarro, we can also assist with obtaining certificates of authenticity of works by H. Claude Pissarro.

Lélia Pissarro

As sole agents of artworks by Lélia Pissarro, we deliver certificates of authenticity of works by this artist.

Contact us

For works that are not authenticated by Lélia Pissarro in our gallery you are always welcome to contact us for a complimentary verbal opinion before starting the process with other experts, which often involves a cost.

Please email us at stern@pissarro.com