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About us

Established in 1964, the Stern Pissarro Gallery is co-owned by David Stern and Lélia Pissarro, great-granddaughter of Camille Pissarro. The gallery specialises in late 19th and 20th century European painting, including Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, School of Paris, French Post-War, Modern and Contemporary works.


    Following the union by marriage of David Stern to Lélia Pissarro in 1988, the gallery became an international family art business. Stern Pissarro Gallery now occupies a unique position in the global art scene, representing five generations of works by the Pissarro family, including Camille Pissarro and his five sons, as well as the subsequent generations.

    With the strongest collection of Pissarro family works worldwide, the gallery lends extensively to world-class museums and institutions. The gallery is also a centre of research and expertise for the work of Camille Pissarro’s descendants.

    The gallery’s permanent collection is comprised mainly of 20th Century European painting, including Impressionist Post-Impressionist, School of Paris, French Post-War, Modern and Contemporary works.

  • The gallery is situated in the heartland of the London art scene, over two floors of the iconic Target House building on 66 St James’s Street, Mayfair. Designed by British architect Rodney Gordon, the building’s eye-catching bronze anodised aluminium cladding makes it a pinnacle of modernist architecture and a landmark of the area.

    Much like the building it inhabits, Stern Pissarro Gallery combines a reverence and expertise for late 19th and 20th Century masters, with a freshness and enthusiasm for contemporary painting and sculpture.

    Our clients benefit from the extensive experience, intimate knowledge and passion of the gallery directors. We can advise on all aspects of building and maintaining a collection, including framing and hanging, as well as providing unique insights into art market trends and opportunities. Combined with art-market expertise, scholarly art-historical knowledge, often gained first-hand from family members, is the cornerstone of the gallery’s approach.

  • Lélia Pissarro and David Stern present the gallery and about the importance of adopting the domain name .ART