Interview in La Gazette Drouot

Read an exclusive interview with gallery owners David Stern and Lélia
Pissarro featured in the latest issue of La Gazette Drouot.

This is the story of a family epic. Camille Pissarro's great-grand-daughter
Lélia Pissarro and her husband David Stern run the gallery that bears their
names, founded in 1964 in London's Mayfair district. Together, they are
committed to perpetuating the recognition of the master, who was friends
with Cézanne and the great Impressionists. But their work does not stop at
the artist's legacy: five generations of artists make up his lineage. With
the world's largest collection of Camille Pissarro's works, the gallery
loans paintings to museums all over the world, and has become a research
center for the works of his descendants.

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