Current exhibition | Marc Chagall: Works on paper

Stern Pissarro Gallery is pleased to announce Marc Chagall: Works on Paper, an exhibition featuring a variety of pieces from as early as 1938. The highlights include several colourful gouaches showcasing classic Chagall motifs and iconography, as well as a large-scale still-life.

Hailing from the Russian Empire, Marc Chagall (1887- 1985) is famed for his poetic adaptations of life. Chagall’s success can largely be attributed to his ability to express emotion in such a way that the viewer is lured into his paintings. His love of life is so engulfing and compelling, that one cannot help but be swept away into his world. As such, his work is highly desirable, with his collector base seemingly having no geographical boundaries. Stern Pissarro has been very active in the Chagall market, selling works to collectors across the world.

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