Artwork Spotlight: Yayoi Kusama, Repetition GL.A

One of the most important contemporary living female artists of our time, Yayoi Kusama is best known for her art of repetition and has been exhibiting on the international art scene since the 1960s displaying drawings, paintings, immersive installations and public sculptures. Her name is boldly written in history of art, having influenced many art movements such as Pop art, Conceptual art and Surrealism.

Repetition GL.A is a unique example of her rare collages dating from 1996. The title refers to her endless repetitive patterns she uses in her works: her well-known polka dots with phallic motifs. These dots are a symptom of her obsessive-compulsive disorder resulting from her childhood trauma. The repetition of shapes is a form of therapy to help confront her fear and mental health challenges. The white biomorphic forms which resemble nets is infinitely painted and the grey sections are collages. The whole work creates the illusion that the image is three-dimensional.

Being one of the most influential figures in post-war art scene, Kusama is still actively producing artworks today and her works have gained global public attention.

Also famous for her infinity rooms, her current solo exhibition on view at the Tate Modern, London is on until June 2022. Fully booked until 24th October, we invite you to view this seldom seen piece by Yayoi Kusama in the gallery. Book an appointment for a viewing by emailing us at