Upcoming exhibition | Lélia Pissarro: Traces of Giverny

Opening on the 12th of October, our upcoming exhibition 'Lélia Pissarro: Traces of Giverny' will bring together a fresh body of work which explores Lélia Pissarro's profound affinity for Claude Monet's gardens, the natural world, and the enduring influence of her family heritage. 

Lélia was raised by her grandfather, the artist and son of Camille Pissarro, Paulémile. After the untimely passing of his father in 1903, still a teenager at the time, Paulémile turned to his godfather, Claude Monet, for guidance. Monet not only served as Paulémile's legal guardian but also emerged as a source of artistic inspiration, with his iconic gardens at Giverny proving an inexhaustible source of creativity. Having had these influences passed down onto her, Lélia embarked on her own pilgrimage to Giverny in 2021, a journey that left a lasting mark on her artistic practice.

This exhibition will open the same evening as Art After Dark, a collaborative late-night opening of galleries and museums across the West End (https://mayfairartweekend.com/). Join us until 8pm on the 12th of October for an intimate look at our exhibition, outside of the usual gallery hours.

For more information, please contact us at stern@pissarro.com.