20 Year Anniversary Celebration: H. Claude Pissarro

We first represented Hugues Claude Pissarro (born 1935) in June 2000 and
with this online exhibition, we celebrate our 20th anniversary of working
with this wonderful artist.

Son of Paulémile and grandson of Camille Pissarro, H. Claude’s work
reflects influences from wider sources within post-impressionism. He
developed a very special technique both in his oil paintings and his
pastels which gives his work a unique feel, one not replicated by any other
artist, perhaps because these works are so labour intensive.

Although H. Claude has been living in Ireland for almost thirty years, his
subjects are drawn largely from his native France, a country where beauty
can be found wherever you look: French villages, landscapes, river scenes,
coastal views and urban scenes, with the works of Paris being probably his
most collectable subject. Occasionally he is tempted by Venice or London,
two cities he loves.

In these post-impressionist works, his aim is to capture the romantic past,
a world which no longer exists, where horses and carts thronged the streets
and cars were a new invention. His figures are dressed in 19th-century
fashion and so we are taken on a journey back in time.

H. Claude’s work has been collected throughout the world; it is amazing to
see that in his 85th year he remains as active as ever, painting with
passion and determination as you can see from the cover image of our

David Stern June, 2020

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