Current exhibition | In the Mood for Red

Stern Pissarro Gallery is delighted to announce its latest exhibition, ‘In the Mood for Red’, featuring works by some of the world’s most established modern and contemporary artists. With pieces by Marc Chagall, Yayoi Kusama, Alexander Calder and American Abstract Expressionist Paul Jenkins, the exhibition explores the versatility of red to evoke a variety of meanings.

Synonymous with a range of themes, from love and passion, to fire and danger, red can be both powerful and subtle. Considered one of the most emotive colours, this exhibition playfully explores how over the past 100 years, artists have engaged with red to express a multitude of ideas and concepts.

Amongst the highlights is a group of works by the iconic contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama. Within the selection is a striking oil and collage on canvas, depicting one of Kusama’s whimsical phallic dresses. Adorned with her instantly recognisable dot-motif, it is a fun, memorable work, and a fine example of the top-quality pieces displayed as part of the exhibition.

The exhibition will open the same evening as Art After Dark, a collaborative late-night opening of galleries and museums across the West End. Enabling the public to experience headline exhibitions at major galleries the official launch will take place on Thursday 23 March 2023 from 6 to 8 pm.

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